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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

bathroom taps

Can't decide on what bath filler to have. How can buying a flipping tap be such a show stopper? And how can a tap cost £2000? Is it just me? Ok, so our budget is limited, this might be why it irks so much, but honestly, it's a tap!

anyway, the tap we did buy, online, looked great on the net - it also looks nice in the box. but take it out, put it in our bathroom and stand it near our bath and it looks like something off a steam train. it's huge! like a fountain of chrome and levers. that's what £200 gets you.

'if it looks too good to be true, it probably is'.
Hmmm. not sure what to do, but it's taken 2 weeks of indecision, and still can't decide. Peter, our very patient builder has been very tolerant, but now needs to be able to close up the ceiling downstairs (for the kitchen) and to do that he needs to know which tap he's plumbing in.

this whole project is fast deteriorating into chaos. We've seen a tap 'the' tap we love. but even that is a grand. ie a grand over our budget which is already over budget..

i'm starting to think, sod it, let's do it. i could just see that approach leading to bankruptcy..

anyone got a gorgeous tap going free we could have (please?).

next up - bifold doors. agh!


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