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Friday, 2 September 2011

oh god they've painted my bath!

the builders have scratched our lovely roll top bath. I may have mentioned this before. i told them not to do anything to it, and specifically, not to paint it or try to repair until we'd had a chance to check with the supplier how to repair it. I don't think i could have been clearer.
Went away for the bank holiday August, came back, and made the mistake of looking at the newly installed bath to find not only had they painted in the scratches, but also half attempted to wash it. the dirty tide mark sweeping the side of the bath is one thing. the fact it's a water based paint that it's covered in, has meant the washed bit is now a different texture from the non-washed bit. there are lumpy bits where they've painted it.

felt sick.

asked the builder who painted the bath the next day. he sort of feigned innocence initially (not a good move) but conceded they might have painted 'a few bits'.

can't understand how me saying 'don't pain the bath' made him think it was ok to paint the bath, in our absence, without checking first. is it me?

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