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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Skip skirmish

We've had a skip outside the house since the beginning of the build. When i say outside the house, I should really say outside our next door neighbours house. This was not our doing directly. We were out when the first skip arrived and our builders directed the depositing of the skip. It appears the space they chose was on the spot of (public) road outside our neighbours house, rather than directly in front of ours. We didn't really give this too much thought. I remember noting it at the time, then remembering that our neighbours don't have a car, don't own the property (they rent) and are relatively young free and single, I figured they wouldn't really care or notice a skip. I was wrong. 
the doorbell rang at 9.30 the other evening, and our previously reasonably pleasant neighbour stood there with our recycling box in hand. this had been left on the street for collection that morning. He handed this to my husband, then said when we moved in the removals company had put a load of recycling boxes out the front to reserve spaces for the van on the road and once completed they then put all the boxes into his garden by mistake. His point being that he wanted to return them. Paul said this was fine, and we found 6 recycling boxes put into the front garden within seconds. Far be it from me to be cynical, but given the previous owner of this property was over 100 when he moved (into a retirement home) I find it surprising that he was such an avid recycler.. but to get back to the skip... it seems all this rather erratic behaviour by our neighbour was a precurser to asking us 'why the skip was outside (his) house rather than ours', 'could we move it', 'why was it still noisy at times with the builders in the back?', and 'had we put the skip their on purpose (?)'... all a bit bizarre. So, we've got the skip moved, I can understand his point. I probably wouldn't want it outside mine if it wasn't my rubbish, but given this was the first reference he'd made to it to ius, he could have omitted the paranoia. We are not bad neighbours, so give us a chance to rectify problems please.. 

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