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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Quick, tidy the house, the cleaner's coming!

I had a fantastic lady who helped me with the house work once a week, in my old house, my lovely shiny white box of a minimalist home. The one I no longer live in. The one I've swapped for an old wreck and a  ridiculous mortgage we can't afford, which is costing us a fortune to try and fix, and which still looks like a derelict squat. 

In moving to my new home it was immediately apparent I would not be able to use her services for the forseeable future because, frankly, where would she start? 

I hope at a future point (when, I have no idea) that I can offer her employment once again. But pending that happy day, and wanting to assuage some guilt I'm harbouring, I've invited her over for a cup of tea tomorrow. 

This has led to a spate of extra zealous dust swiping on my part. The fact there are no carpets, dirty old creaky floor boards and grime filled skirting, holes in walls and lightbulbs hanging bare from the ceilings is secondary to the first impression that i am trying to create upon her ie. that the house is fundamentally 'clean'. Clean meaning 'I'm coping' (I'm not).

So for a fair portion of this evening, I left my preschoolers to their own devices (thank goodness for FreeSat and TinyPops) in order to wipe down the dust (again), clean the builders bog, and straighten up the boxes we're still unable to unpack following the house move. 

It's struck me that I've always been like this: felt a need to clean before the cleaner comes. Even when it's just a social visit. 

Surveying the house, I'm not sure whether she'll notice first the gleaming side board, or the handle - less interior doors. 

She probably won't notice either. She's far too nice. And she is just coming for a cup of tea after all. I've bought some nice biscuits.


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