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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Dans le Jardin, or, 'mud, mud, glorious mud'

Spent the day in the garden. My efforts comprise hoeing all the weeds into infinity. It's a boring job yet strangely satisfying to reveal what's underneath all the weeds, ivy and various bits of debris which has been tossed into the garden since 1901. Soil. that's what all my efforts result in revealing. The sciatica I've developed in the last few months due to the 75degree posture I adopt is well worth it. it's a rectangular garden 70 by 45 ft. grass in the middle and 2 wide borders running down the length. due to the width of the borders (about 6ft) the amount of soil I'm uncovering is disproportionate to the amount of grass or any other form of vegetation in the garden. to any one else, the garden still looks a delapidated messy project. To me, it's becoming a very satisfying piece of therapy. I can block out anything else in my mind, all other distractions become secondary, and away I go. The hoe, the rake and the shears are my only friends. And I love it. the range of things i can do to this blank canvass in time (and budget permitting) stretch before me. Paving, grassing, a shed!, some plants, some veggies, and maybe a chicken or 3 (I've spotted one of those eggloos while out recently and I can visualise it already going into the space currently occupied by the garden waste and original fireplace from the front room (how could they rip it out?! ).  the garden is my oyster. can't wait to get to grips with it.

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