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Saturday, 13 August 2011

What are the chances of me getting an allotment?

Following on from my zealous garden efforts, I've just applied to join the waiting list for local garden allotments. I have a latent memory that 'no one ever gets an allotment', that ' the list for an allotment is 10 years long', that 'you get evicted from your allotment plot if you don't maintain it'..  but despite these putting-off gems of received wisdom donated by friends in recent years I've gone ahead and put my name down. So will it be 1 year or 10 years. Either way I'll be under 50. Still plenty of gardening time left in me. And how cool to have a garden allotment. Where I can make my mistakes, grow some interesting things, take the kids. Recall the Arfurr of Eastenders fame. Hopefully a better ending awaits me.

Just thought I'd mention it. It's an exciting phase. Any tips on how to get up the list quicker, from anyone who's got an allotment already much appreciated!. ta ever so.

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