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Thursday, 11 August 2011

la salle du bain (bathroom)

8 weeks on, & still the bathroom is not yet finished. But it's soo close I can almost feel myself indulging in a big huge enveloping bath, a hug of bubbles wafting skyward, big glass of wine & most of all no children in sight. 

As of today, the sash windows are in; the new loo is in; the sink is in; the shower is in; and the bath (a lovely 'tubby tub' roll top!) has feet on and is standing proudly on the tiles. 

The tiles are on the wall, most are grouted, and the same goes for the floor. we've gone for a grey and white theme. white tiles on walls (bit sanitarium, but ok) and cool grey tiles for the floor. having a bit of a problem with the floor standing tap for the bath. it's like a fountain, huge. but budget just doesn't permit replacing it yet. So this huge chrome jet is going to be in place at some point. trying not to let it spoil the image, but will see.

no door to the bathroom as yet, but it's a small consideration all things considered. 

will be wonderful to close off the downstairs 'bog' experience altogether. it's so grim. i cillet bang every surface daily (it really does work). 

I must admit, since moving to this house my ocd tendencies have become increasingly pronounced. the builders look at me like i'm mad, with my marigolds on trying to clean, wipe down and dust each day, only to do exactly the same every day. it is a pointless task. I do know that. I just can't bear the grubbiness and seeing my poor kids playing on the floor only to emerge grey and dusty every time. 

So, roll on that bath. any week now!

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