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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

the big build

So, we moved into our 'new' house 8 weeks ago. Except it's not new in any sense of the word. It's an Edwardian wreck. a project, with potential... and a building site, in which I am living with my husband and 2 children under 5. I wouldn't recommend it.

I think it's best to surmise the last few weeks for context. And then bring the story up to the current time so that I can down load my experience as it unfolds in real time.

we moved, boxes, chaos. No kitchen, no bathroom. A downstairs 'bog' which me, the kids and hubby share with the builders. Interesting, grim. not least because my newly toilet trained 2 year old, keen to test out her new skills, proclaims 'wee wee mummy!' 15 times daily. And off we go, to the bog, a thin partition wall between me and the builders and said child. It's just not nice. And then, if i use the opportunity to use the loo at the same time, my daughter provides a running commentary on my activities, ' wee wee mummy? no? yes? poo poo?' (No!) ' no? wee wee? ... yayyy mummy wee wee, yayyy' (clapping) ' better mummy?'. God alone knows what the polish builders make of it.

we have a temporary kitchen set up in the back reception. rickety table, padlocked back door, and the life and grime of the previous 100 years firmly ingrained in every nook, cranny and broken tile or floorboard. my 4 year old son proclaimed happily that he ' loves the outside of the house, the red brick, but (he) doesn't  like the dirty inside of the house'. I know how he feels.

more tomorrow.

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